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Testing Repeatability – Player Level

So yeah, this is just going to be a quick post to deal with some house-keeping. I’ve run a series of tests to check the repeatability of the various metrics I use. These are all done at player level, I plan on doing the same at team level at some stage. There will be no fancy Tableau graphics here! Just plain old Excel scatter plots. So here is a rundown of what I found. These may, or may not be useful for somebody.

GPS – Goal Probability Per Shot per 90

GPS (Expect goals/non-pen Shots)

Expected Goals per 90

Expected Non-Pen Goals Per 90

Expected Goal Difference Per 90

EXPGoalDiffP90 (Actual Goals-EXPGoals) Top 4 Leagues

Expected Goals From Shot Placement per 90

EXPGoals From Shot Placement (on target shots)

Expected Goals Shot Placement Difference Per 90

XGSPDiff P90 (Actual Goals-XGSP)

Expected Goals Shot Placement per Shot per 90

XGSP_GPS (XGSP/non-pen shots)

Shot Placement Extra Goals per 90 (SPEG)